In more than 40 years of its history, Vulcangas has always followed the path of environmental sustainability and research. That’s why the Group offers the energy of the future. In the hydrocarbon world, we must operate with this sensibility too, focusing on the environment and on the future.

The Company has imprinted these values in its business culture, shared with all the group of people that everyday works throughout Italy with the aim of diffusing it. In that way, every choice made respond to sustainable criteria. The Group did the same thing when it decided to focus on LPG distribution; sure enough, it’s a fuel thanks to whom customers can save money, both for households and automotive use. Moreover, it has lower emissions compared with other petroleum products. LPG is an ecological and flexible option and it has a high heat efficiency as well.

That’s why Vulcangas has chosen it and the Group has made research investments in order to reduce the environmental impact in every supply chain’s step.

From production to storage, from delivering to sale, the Company has identified all the best technologies to make LPG an increasingly cleaner fuel. Moreover with the intention of promoting a modern and green mobility, the Group has engaged itself to encourage LPG use instead of essence and diesel.

It’s a possible change on every type of engine: from cars to scooters till vessels.

Anyway, we can’t stop here if we want to reach a sustainable development.

Vulcangas is aware of it; after developing its facilities with the purpose of minimizing the environmental impact, it has been focused on the research of renewable resources.

So, the Group has invested in PV and wind-energy sector. The main goal is reducing greenhouse gases emissions and pollution, together with the promotion of an environment-friendly productive system and its own business culture.