LNG – 160

At Vulcangas, we have always been working with LPG for domestic and automotive use. In the last few years, we’ve opened a new division focusing on building systems which are addressed to produce renewable energies.

During 50 years of our history, we have been serving about  50.000 customers in all over the territory, with a total turnover of 95 billion euros.

Our most important acknowledgement is to secure customers’ loyalty thanks to the quality of our services, the attention paid together with the widespread presence of our staff.

A complete supply program of our storage depots allows us to guarantee a secure LPG availability to all our customers.

Our depots are strategically situated throughout Italy. They allow us to use national and international supply bases, as referred to the agreements that we’ve signed with the most important international traders.

From 2013 till today, we have decided to invest in LNG’s development. We believe that it’s the natural evolution of our reference market. In a short period of time, we have acquired necessary skills and the essential know-how to set up a full supply chain, entirely managed by our Group.

So, we have signed commercial agreements intended to supply all equipments needed for LNG’s storage and distribution.

These equipments must be set to industrial and automotive customers; this way we create our technical standard which guarantees the maximum reliability in terms of using and safety.

We can consider our main acknowledgment  the subscription of supply contracts with the most important international LNG players, who stock up  from the major European terminals.

Waiting for a rapid launch of infrastructures able to supply LNG directly in Italy, we’ll work constantly to improve ourselves.

Together with other notable Italian entrepreneurs, we have set up a new company, named LNG GAS ITALIA which is building a LNG’s depot in Porto Viro in the province of Rovigo.

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