Società Italiana Gas Liquidi

For more than 40 years Società Italiana Gas Liquidi distributes green energy and Vulcangas brand has become an equivalent of efficiency, quality and respect for the environment as well.

The group works in many energy market segments and it’s one of the main  LPG distributors in Italy.

Over the years, the group has set storages, branches and gas stations in strategic locations; moreover it has created a modern corporate fleet, and has developed advanced technologies able to ensure safe and prompt supplies to all its clients.


Vulcangas as a leader company with a far-reaching network on the national territory, has developed an excellent know-how. That one allows the group to propose all the best solutions to a wide range of clients, like industries, farms, public administrations and individuals.

LPG for holdings, productions and automotive represents a sustainable choice that minimizes costs.


The deep respect for the environment is one of Vulcangas’ identity values. Research and development investments have pushed the company to open a renewable energies division, and recently one dedicated to Natural Liquid Gas. In particular this one, it’s a valid option to traditional products, as diesel, for those realities who require a high energy consumption.


The attention paid to its clients, has led the Group to put into practice a targeted help desk called “SOS GAS”, and to conceive a special insurance cover for everyone who uses its products.


These are extra services which are tailored to satisfy everyone who’s addressing confidently to the group.


After more than 40 years that it has been operating, the company looks ahead proposing cost efficient solutions together with environmental protection.

That’s how Vulcangas looks to the future defining new ambitious goals.