My Vulcangas

If you access to the restricted area, you can display Vulcangas’ summary statement; if you already have a login account, you can access to our on-line services, by pressing the button below.

Access to My Vulcangas
  • MyVulcangas to communicate the gas meter reading;
  • MyVulcangas to view your consumption history;
  • MyVulcangas to print your bills and invoices.

Sos Gas

In all over the territory Vulcangas makes available a 24/h customer service called SOS GAS.

Maggiori informazioni
  • Sos Gas service is addressed to Vulcangas’ customers.
  • Our staff only answer to technical questions.
  • SOS GAS is available 24/h.

Tax-free LPG

To face the growing number of clean products pressing demands, LPG as a green option, is used in many fields such as: civil, agricultural, industrial, but also hospitality and catering ones. LPG for households could benefit from a special incentive: a 90% reduction in excise duty. In this regard, Vulcangas with its commercial network, offers the opportunity to arrange a completely free on-the-spot check, with the aim to evaluate the tax-free system feasibility.

Scopri come fare
  • Right conditions. Consumers of agricultural, industrial, but also hospitality and craft  field as long as above requirements are satisfied.  
  • Relief from excise duty: above clients can benefit from excise duty relief even for LPG cylinders purchase used for heating.
  • Expected fiscal obligations: on a bi-monthly basis, we report to the Bureau of Customs the stock account register of the goods.